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Steps on How It Works
Our patented Patronicity platform matches community members’ support for civic and social projects with matching grants from our Sponsoring Partners

Step 1:

Citizens identify projects they’d like to see funded.

Step 2:

We evaluate and vet projects, then send each one for a final quick approval to our sponsoring partners.

Step 3:

We provide personalized support and advisement to each project, maintaining high success rates.

Step 4:

Projects that garner community support by hitting their goal, receives a matching grant from the sponsoring partner.

Key Benefits
Take advantage of the key benefits that makes Crowdgranting unique and so successful with Patronicity

Maximize your Impact

Have your grant dollars matched through community contributions

Easy as Pie

Personalized support to cut down evaluation & approval process by 90%

Widespread Publicity

Earn fantastic publicity from social media posts to television coverage

Community Sustainability

Get the local community investing in improving civic projects

A Case Study

Our partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

“I was hoping for a 50-percent success rate,” said Katharine Czarnecki, the MEDC's Senior Vice President of Community Development. “The fact that we have 97 percent is crazy.”

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When the MEDC began working with Patronicity, the effort was to drive the reactivation of public spaces. The State of Michigan also wanted to leave the selection process up to the community to find out what projects it wanted. Through crowdgranting with Patronicity, the MEDC has seen exceptionally successful campaigns and community improvement that simultaneously brought transparency, speed, and cost efficiency to the granting process while garnering widespread media attention.

The first year of the MEDC’s “Public Space, Community Places” grant program with Patronicity brought:

  • 99% success rate
  • 110 completed projects
  • $4.27 million crowdfunded
  • $3.58 million granted
  • 19,100+ citizen donors
  • 4.1 million+ people reached
**Numbers as of 4/24/2017

Project Case Study
REACH Art Studio Center

Through the PCSP Program, the MEDC has enabled projects statewide that may not have otherwise been possible. One such example is the REACH Studio Art Center in Lansing, MI, which was expanding its community art center for youth and adults by re-purposing five vacant storefronts along Washington Ave. They required nearly $100,000, an impossible sum to collect on its own.

With Patronicity’s leadership and support, the REACH Studio Art Center was able to connect with the greater community, while receiving news, radio, and other media coverage to exceed its goal.

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