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Empowering real people to have an impact on the places they love.

Born in Detroit.

It began with the idea that crowdfunding could be used to help source funds for community improvement projects. Our founders then had the idea that would differentiate us from every other crowdfunding platform: the matching grant. We call it "crowdgranting."

Turning bold ideas into impactful realities.

Have a great idea for your community or neighborhood, but don't have the funding or a solid plan? Our hands-on coaching and robust crowdfunding platform help you tap into your community to get financial support and make it happen.

Dedicated Project Coaching & Vetting

Robust Crowdfunding Platform

Matching Grant Program Management

Placemaking Consulting & Expertise

Community Engagement

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2021 Annual Report

Our 2021 Annual Report showcases Patronicity’s continued success in helping to build vibrant communities through crowdfunding, crowdgranting, and placemaking initiatives. In 2021, 238 projects were launched from our crowdfunding platform and those projects raised over $4.6 million. Over $3.3 million was distributed in matching funds thanks to our generous crowdgranting partnerships across the United States.

We look forward to growing and expanding our work to serve even more communities in their efforts to build healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities in 2022.

We're passionate about placemaking.

As a small team, spread across the United States, we bring diverse interests, experiences and passions to our roles. One thing that unites and motivates us is our desire to build better, more diverse and vibrant communities.

Meet the Team

Bridget Anderson

Vice President

Mahala Clayton

Michigan Director

Jonathan Berk

Vice President

Camryn Greer

Community Programs Director

Ebrahim Varachia

President & Co-Founder

Maddie Miller

Digital Marketing Manager

Kate Rosenbarger

Project Coach

Tim Heaphy

Web & UX Development

Chris Blauvelt


Ryan Steadman

Web Developer

Ryan Martell

Web Developer

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