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Tartan Cents: A New Public Spaces Grant to Build More Vibrant Communities

Scotland’s Towns Partnership is the go-to body for Scotland’s towns; a hub for promoting all things towns, and a hive of activity to help you learn, connect, find practical support and advice, and share good practice and knowledge. Support the projects below to enhance towns across Scotland. If you have any ideas for projects you’d like to see to enhance your Scottish town, submit them below.

Our Vision

This opportunity mobilizes community members, residents, and supporters to make individual contributions while promoting their efforts. Projects from communities, non-profits, and other entities meeting their fundraising goals could be eligible for a matching grant from STP and its generous sponsor organizations.
We’re launching this program with three selected projects across Scotland. Learn more about these projects below and support them by making a donation AND sharing with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

Tartan Cents is founded on the premise that Scotland matters well beyond her borders. For centuries, we have created innovation, be it in the arts or industry, while our kin have left her shores to carry the name and culture forward. By working locally, while connecting globally, Tartan Cents invite all who live in Scotland along with members of the diaspora, those who love her heritage, cities, and culture to create a better Scotland to all to live, work, play, and visit.

We’d love to hear if you have any other ideas for projects that could enhance, improve or make your local town more vibrant. Share those ideas with us below.

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