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Growing Hope is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID EIN 74-3091845.

Our Story

Growing Hope and the Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace

Everyone is welcome at our markets!  Having run successful and inclusive farmers markets for ten years as of 2015, Growing Hope is ready to root our Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market more permanently in the heart of Ypsilanti so that we can make healthy food and economic opportunities more accessible year round.

Marketplaces are one of the most ancient ways people connect with each other.  Good food is the central reason people gather, and that gathering creates a hub for community life.  Thriving markets strengthen not only local economies and community identity, but they also have positive impacts on people’s health and nutrition.  Farmers markets are primary assets in community revitalization and the Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace, a year-round, indoor-outdoor, permanent market, can be just that for our community!

Expanding Local Food Access 

Since 2006 Growing Hope's Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market has delivered fresh produce from local farmers, locally-made foods, family fun and community activities.  For six months each year, from May to October, our outdoor farmers market has grown in customers, vendors and impact:  more fresh produce, food demonstrations, nutrition education, food assistance sales (SNAP-EBT, Double Up Food Bucks), more shoppers, more opportunities for small businesses, and greater economic impact in Ypsilanti.  In 2014 alone, our Tuesday afternoon market from May-October welcomed 19,866 visits, supported 73 small business vendors, and had an economic impact of $1,371,795!  We are proud to have been the 3rd farmers market in Michigan to accept SNAP. In 2014, 39% of our customers came from a household that utilized SNAP; we know that the market is making a difference in people accessing healthy, affordable, and local food.

The outdoor season is making a difference in increasing the consmption of fruits and vegetables in Ypsilanti.  The win-win is to create year-round access for all by creating a physical focal point for year-round healthy food access where it is most needed.  In addition to the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market moving to the MarketPlace on Tuesdays and operating through the winter, we will continue to run the open air Saturday Depot Town market from May through October.

The Project

Creating year-round local food access is our top priority.  The Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace will reclaim an unused warehouse and former bank drive-thru in the center of Ypsilanti’s downtown for an indoor-outdoor farmers market.  The warehouse has 2,400-square feet of open space, large windows around three sides, and 21-foot high arched ceilings -- a classic farmers market building.  The bank drive-thru offers direct access from South Washington Street to a wide paved lot where farmers market tents will be set up outdoors and market bathrooms will be available on site.

These  adjoining parcels give us the ability to:

  • expand to a year-round market

  • create a  place to visit all year long for fresh food, rain or shine

  • extend food assistance at the market year-round

  • make environmentally friendly renovations

  • reclaim two underused properties in the city center -- gems that have been overlooked

  • help local food entrepreneurs grow their enterprises through year round sales

  • strengthen our local food economy

  • change the dynamics of South Washington Street and improve Ypsilanti’s downtown commerce

  • move an already robust market to a permanent community gathering place!

What We Need to Do

The Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace aims to do nothing less than transform South Washington Street with a bustling farmers market and by doing so, multiply the economic and health impacts for Ypsilanti residents. The demand for healthy local food is high, but we are limited by the capacity of a temporary outdoor space, shortened season and weather disruptions.  Upgrading the warehouse creates an ongoing market our community can depend on, regardless of the weather or season, and with your investment we will make this year-- the 10th anniversary of the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market -- the best ever!   

With your help we will create a permanent home for our farmers market by renovating this site, including:

  • installing energy-efficient interior storm windows and insulation

  • adding wide, welcoming and fire-safe doors, emergency exits, and lighting

  • upgrading the heating and cooling system

  • adding energy efficient lighting, and eventually solar panels

  • upgrading to ADA market bathrooms in both buildings

  • building out a small prep kitchen for safe food demonstrations

  • adding a fire suppression system

The Impact

Growing Hope 

We have been impacting Ypsilanti and our surrounding region since 2003 by empowering leaders to start community and school gardens, teaching and supporting people in growing their own food, nurturing youth leadership, engaging young and old in healthy eating, and managing farmers markets, among other things. The Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace brings together the community health promotion and economic development in a new way for Ypsilanti, and expands the impact of Growing Hope’s mission:  helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access. It is perfect alignment of our work to Grow Healthy People, Grow Healthy Places, and Grow Healthy Economies.

When the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market moves to its new site on South Washington Street this year, it will mark the 10th anniversary of the market, bringing with it the energy of commerce and community.  We will be able to operate the Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market out of 16 South Washington MarketPlace site (basically occupying the parking lot there, as the market previously occupied Ferris Street, just one block away) beginning in May 2015 as we raise the funds to renovate the adjacent indoor spaces that will make up the Ypsilanti Farmers MarketPlace.  Join us in celebrating ten years of growth.  Help us fully move into our new home.  And visit us soon!

The Rewards

We know we can't do this without the investment of the community.  Every single donation counts toward making the MarketPlace a reality.  So we're offering tons of great rewards for supporting this project!  Limited edition hoodies, permanent on-site recognition, visits from people in vegetable costumes, and much more; there's something for everyone at every level of support!

Offline donations can also count towards this campaign goal and can be delivered to Growing Hope BY JUNE 9, 2015 at Growing Hope, P.O. Box 980129, Ypsilanti MI  48198, or turned in to the Market Manager at the Tuesday or Saturday markets.

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