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Help transform a vacant block into an arts, maker and cultural work space accessible to the entire Community!

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Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE) is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 04-6130520.

What’s Up With That Block?”

For over 10 years, the vacant “Barker’s Lane Block” has left a hole in New Bedford’s historic district. While the Gateway City is growing with revitalization efforts of downtown schools, tourism and retail shops, these abandoned buildings have remained untouched and wouldn’t have lasted another winter without a new roof.

Meanwhile, though named one of the “Top 10 Artistic Cities in America”, a community gallery and maker space is still missing.  In New Bedford, many believe it is key to make sure the local arts renaissance remains accessible and affordable to all residents. This means granting emerging artists and makers their own downtown space and platform for diverse voices. Community partners WHALE, AHA! and New Bedford Art Museum/Artworks! envisioned an artist “plug-in” hub that would connect all of our local resources together in one place.

A small group of partners saw the needs,made the connection and decided to take the risk. The Waterfront Historic Area League (WHALE), as owner and developer, is collaborating with architect studio2sustain began construction in Spring 2016. The full restoration is known as the Co-Creative Center and is expected to open March 2017- only with your help.

The Co-Creative Center: Live,Work, Make

The final piece of this historic restoration project is The Co-Creative Center.  The center will be a 10,000 square-foot artist development that will foster New Bedford’s creative economy. It will grant New Bedford residents an affordable option to work and learn about new creative mediums downtown while also presenting an opportunity to showcase their craft with direct access to Custom Square Park. It has six main features:

With Your Help: Double or Nothing!

We need your help.  We've been able to piece together the funding to renovate and restore the rest of the two buildings but need YOUR HELP to build out the ground floor and purchase the co-make and co-learn equipment. 

 The Co-Creative Center believes that artists have always been producers that stimulate our communities, and we want to offer them more tools to thrive in their work. The co-learn space will need desks and computer stations that can support up to 25 students at a time for school use. The co-make space will attract artists that need heavy equipment that is hard to afford on your own like a major laser cutting machine for materials, 3-d printers for prototypes, and electronics gear. In a makerspace, you find solutions during an artistic process- what better place to have this creative collaborative platform than New Bedford?

 If we can hit our goal of $50,000 by the end of this crowdfunding campaign MassDevelopment will DOUBLE our donations!  That's right, your donation to this campaign will DOUBLE if we're able to hit our fundraising goal of $50,000.  

We hope you decide to invest in making the Co-Creative Center. Besides, when has historic preservation looked this hip?

Please give to this page and check out our NUMEROUS opportunities during the month of October to get involved...

If you have any questions on the project or how to donate, please call Development Coordinator Amanda DeGrace at (508) 997-1776 or e-mail or Jonathan Berk at (617)750-6008 or

Remember the Community Investment Tax Credit When you donate over $1,000 to this project, the state of MA will grant you a 50% tax refund for investing in our community. Ask how you can file for your credit today!

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