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The Plainwell Dog Park

The people have spoken, as a result of the communal feedback gathered through Plainwell's Parks + Recreation Planning effort, a significant number of responses from the community desired a dog park. There are many dog owner residents in the community and Plainwell embraces numerous dog friendly shops. Having dogs in our community and in our families adds joy, exercise, and bonding. They become members of our families and important additions to our community, and to include a dog park in Plainwell makes a lot of sense. It was clear to the Parks and Trees Commission that one of their main objectives will be to bring this feature to life. 

The Plainwell Dog Park Committee, the Parks and Tree’s Commission, in partnership with the City of Plainwell invites you to participate in this wonderful effort by donating today. Our community has has been asking for a dog park for over a year. It's time to make it happen.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”-Roger Caras 

About The Park:

The City of Plainwell agrees to designate approximately 12,000 square feet of space in Cook Park, which has 5 acres of land with walking paths, a pavilion, restrooms, a 100 ft illuminated sledding hill and it is also slightly secluded, which makes this the perfect selection for the dog park.The design for the dog park includes: 

  • Separate areas for small dogs / large dogs encompassed by a vinyl coated chain link fence with separate gates
  • Double gate at the entrance to avoid any accidental releases
  • Park benches placed throughout the park, transforming the space into a community gathering place.
  • Convenient watering and waste stations
  • Concrete and brick entrance into the park

Beggin’ For Details

Cost Estimates: The estimated total cost of the project is nearly $40,000. The bulk of Bark Park expenses come from the fencing needed to keep dog’s safe but the Dog Park Committee also thought of other neat features that will make the park more convenient for all users. Watering stations with running water and waste stations will be located in both the small dog and large dog sections. Other amenities include benches, lighting, trash receptacles, signage in and around the park, cement, brick and pavement work that will all create a vibrantly well used space.

Sustainability On-going brick sales and yearly fundraising events will help fund the maintenance and up keep of the park. The dog park will be an added amenity to an existing city park which is maintained by city staff on weekly basis.

Let the Dog Out: 

Dog Park's add value to the community! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Dog parks improve the quality of life in a community, providing opportunities for residents to come together and unite over a common love, our pets!
  • Dog parks provide a place for dogs to socialize with other dogs off their leashes, without offending non-dog lovers.
  • Dog parks provide an opportunity for dogs, and people, to get needed exercise and burn off energy.

We "Double Dog Dare You" to donate:

Help make the dream of having a dog park in Plainwell a reality! If successful, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED through a match by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Public Spaces, Community Places program.

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