Owosso Community Players: Light the Marquee

From the 1950s to today: Honoring the past with a modern twist.

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Owosso Community Players is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 46-0748474.

Our Story

The near total facilities loss after a devastating fire in 2007 could have marked the end of the Owosso Community Players. Instead, with the blood, sweat, tears and dollars of many, many friends, OCP has quite literally risen from the ashes. We completed the primary phase of an extensive rebuild campaign in May 2014, which wrapped up the restoration of the Lebowsky Center. But we’re not done yet…

In this exciting final phase of the restoration process, we’re working to refurbish and modernize of the original iconic marquee, which has lit up Main Street Owosso since 1950. To keep up with the 21st century, the marquee requires a bit of a facelift. We'll reinforce the structure, improve drainage, replace electrical infrastructure and energy efficient lighting, resurface and install an LED display – all to ensure the marquee is lit for many years to come.

The Project

The marquee will come to life on November 6, 2015, but only if we can raise the final $9,000 toward completing the project. We’ve got 900 light bulbs to illuminate in 30 days – that’s only 30 light bulbs at $10 each per day! That's where you come in - OCP is looking to our incredible and ever-generous friends to help us Light the Marquee and officially close this defining chapter in OCP’s history.

The historic marquee frame will be retained and updated with energy efficient light bulbs and an LED display will infill the original frame. Historic integrity is very important to us -down to every last detail - which is why the light bulbs will match the original 1950s design.

The Impact

The Lebowsky Center is anchored in the heart of downtown Owosso. A re-lit marquee is a key element in the development of Owosso, guiding in theatergoers and arts lovers from around the state.

A brightly lit marquee on a weekend says, “Downtown Owosso is open!” and provides visitors with a unique, nostalgic experience simply not common today. Stepping through the theater doors under that marquee is something families will want to experience together for years to come.

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Natural Light

Own a piece of Owosso history! For your donation of $10 to $49, you’ll receive one of the original 1950s designed light bulbs from the old marquee. (local pick up only)

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Commemorate your $50 to $99 donation with a professional (and lovely!) photo of the new marquee, perfect for framing!

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With your gift of $100 to $199, you’ll receive VIP entry to our Light the Marquee party on Friday, Nov. 6.

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Make a night of it! With your gift of $200 or more, you’ll get both VIP entry to our Light the Marquee party on Friday, Nov. 6. AND two tickets vouchers to Ghost: The Musical.


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