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Help Support Creativity and Neighborhood Pride in Detroit's Seven Districts

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Marche Supports Creativity in Detroit

As Detroit’s oldest legend, the Nain Rouge has appeared as the harbinger of misfortune for over three hundred years. The Marche du Nain Rouge is the positive, creative response of Detroiters everywhere. The Marche is part Mardi Gras celebration, part community art parade, bringing together Detroiters and neighborhoods near and far, where participants are the parade. The Marche is a fun, weird, creative, costumed extravaganza for the whole family. It has become an annual rite of spring in Detroit's Cass Corridor.

Now we want to make the Marche even better. . . 

Marche Supports Creativity and Pride in Detroit Neighborhoods

Inspired by the grand tradition of second-line Mardi Gras “krewes,” the Marche is expanding its neighborhood outreach and competition, to encourage more participation from across Detroit. Last year, we sponsored three workshops with Caribbean Mardi Gras Productions, to assist with float and costume decorating ideas. This year, we are building on our successful partnership with the Mayor’s office Department of Neighborhoods, and with matching financial support from Midtown Detroit, Inc. 

Our crowd-funding effort will support an all new Marche du Nain Rouge Neighborhood Grant FundWe are providing seven grants of $1,000 in each of Detroit's seven City Council Districts, from Old Redford to Osborn, from Springwells Village to Conant Gardens. Caribbean Mardi Gras has agreed to provide costume and float construction training to help put together “District Floats” to highlight a neighborhood in each district for this year's Marche du Nain Rouge on Sunday, March 20th.

But we need your help! If we raise:

  • $3,500 - We can match Midtown Detroit's commitment for each district.
  • $5,000 - We can provide workshops for Detroit neighborhoods.
  • $7,500 - We can provide neighborhood cash prizes, and help seed grants for next year.

Your generous contribution will help promote fun for young and old alike across the city.  Please help us unlock the potential of creativity, enthusiasm, and pride in each district to help make magic happen on a shoestring budget. 

Marche Impacts Neighborhood Creativity, Place, and the Economy

Did you know that for every $1 dollar spent on Mardi Gras, the New Orleans economy gets $8 dollars in return?  We’re not there yet, but the Marche has grown every year. Starting with only 300 participants in 2010, our current conservative estimate of the positive economic impact of the Marche itself is over $100,000 in direct economic activity on an otherwise unremarkable Sunday afternoon in March.  Last year the Fete du Nain Week (this year March 14-20, 2016) included over 30 businesses across the city and numerous traditional and commercial media tie in promotions. 

Like similar participatory events encouraging people to experience a neighborhood or city, the Marche du Nain Rouge creates a positive sense of place in Detroit, by connecting people through art and history to the Cass Corridor’s assets, its public spaces, small businesses, shops, restaurants and bars.

Help us grow the Marche and its impact citywide. Thank you!

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Taunts/Social Media Shout Out

Just can't get enough Nain Rouge, but want to keep your carbon footprint on the light side? Well, fear not, friend. For just $10, the Nain will taunt YOU on the air, on Facebook, in your dreams and nightmares!!! Such a deal!

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"Beer" Koozies

Drink to your heart's content. These monogrammed koozies will keep the chill in your chill. Don't ever forget, the koozie you buy today is the koozie you don't have to buy tomorrow.

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The Official Marche du Nain Rouge Coloring and Activity Book. Volume 7

Did you miss Volumes 1-6? Forget it. All you need to know about the Nain, the Marche, Detroit, indeed life itself, is presented in vivid black and white newsprint. The stunning narrative, practical activities, and opportunities for coloring outside the lines will keep you and your kids engaged for minutes at a time. Signed by artist Nicole Lapointe.

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Marche du Nain Rouge T-Shirt 2016

After six long years, we've finally got our act together enough to have t-shirts ready for sale before the parade. Sweat and bleed day after day with the Nain close to your heart.

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Custom Signed 2016 Marche du Nain Rouge Poster

Enjoy the anti-heroic splendor of the Nain in a fantasy scene of mayhem you'll not soon forget. Signed by artist Nicole Lapointe.

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Nain Rouge Bobble Head

Behold the dreadful majesty of the Nain in a menacing, bobbly, morsel of smooth cast plastic. Your desk will never be the same! Sculpted by David Presnell.

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Nain Rouge Swag Bag

YOU are in charge when you pick up an official Swag Bag. Includes bobble head, signed poster, two t-shirts, two coloring books, four koozies PLUS a ton of taunts AND your beats don't stop.

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Rouge Circle

Help fluff the Nain on Parade Day! You and your guest are invited to enter the Nain Rouge's inner sanctum to get a behind the scenes view as the Nain and his frenemies make the Marche. Drink from the flasks! Taunt the crowd! Ogle at the decolletage! PLUS One Swag Bag PLUS a double helping of taunts (and Thank You's).


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