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Tax Deductible

Foundation For Youth of Bartholomew County, Inc. is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 35-0873340.

Building a Makerspace in East Columbus

Foundation For Youth wants to create an amazing place for the youth of Columbus to learn, explore, and develop 21st century skills. We need your help! We’re using Patronicity to help raise funds to build the Maker Studio, a unique makerspace in Columbus. Placing The Maker Studio in the heart of Foundation For Youth and targeting Boys and Girls Club members with programming will help the project reach youth in East Columbus, an under-served neighborhood in our community.

Building our Maker Studio will allow us to:

  • Provide a space and curriculum in which youth explore 21st century tools, have fun, and build digital literacy and career skills through hands-on creating.

  • Start a hub for makers of all ages in East Columbus and integrate an under-served neighborhood into Columbus’ design community.

  • Continue Columbus’ commitment to the value of good design by investing in future designers, makers, and builders.

We have partnered with Exhibit Columbus to make this project extra special by helping us connect to professionals on the cutting edge of design and fabrication! Members of the Exhibit Columbus curatorial team designed the Maker Studio and created an excellent youth curriculum that will link closely with Exhibit Columbus’ upcoming exhibition of new installations by 2017 Miller Prize-winning artists and architects. Young makers can use the high-tech suite of tools at the Maker Studio to explore design concepts and strategies inspired by Exhibit Columbus!

Help us build a cutting-edge space for the future makers of Columbus!

A Place for Making

We’re raising $19,000 with the help of people LIKE YOU so we can renovate a Foundation For Youth classroom and turn it into a state-of-the-art makerspace. IF we reach our goal, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority will match every dollar of those funds, bringing the project total to $38,000. These funds will pay for:

  • Transforming the currently underutilized "Fun-ology room" into an innovation space that inspires creative thinking and collaborative learning.

  • Purchasing computers, software, and specialized equipment including a 3D scanner, a CNC router, and a 3D printer that will allow makers to take their projects from digital designs to real-world prototypes.

  • Implementing an electrical plan that can handle the needs of high-tech machinery.

  • Finalizing a curriculum for youth that will introduce them to design concepts and the software and tools available at the Maker Studio. This curriculum is tailor-made for Columbus, responding to the city’s design landmarks and the new design strategies used by the 2017 Miller Prize winners in their Exhibit Columbus installations.

  • Training the first generation of staff to use and maintain equipment, help users realize their design ideas, and teach in the youth programs.

The Maker Studio is the cutting edge creative laboratory that we need at Foundation For Youth!

The Future of Making in Columbus

The Maker Studio represents an important investment in East Columbus, a neighborhood in need of support and innovation. Through after-school programs, youth and teens from the East Columbus community will have access to project-based, hands-on activities that teach digital literacy while developing creativity and self-expression through making. Daily open hours from 8am-2pm will bring interested community members of all ages to East Columbus to use the tools for a wide range of projects. Through this space, East Columbus can join the community-wide conversation about the roles of art, design, and making in the city’s past, present, and future.

Providing young people with experience in 21st century design and making technology is an important goal of this project. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development anticipates a need to fill more than 1 million jobs in Indiana over the next decade. Currently there is not enough skilled talent in the state to fill that need. At the same time, our country is experiencing a rise in educational programming that promotes learning by "doing" or "making." New technology like 3D printers and laser cutters are becoming essential tools for all levels of makers from hobbyists to industrial manufacturers, but costs and lack of know-how mean they are out of reach for many in the community. Public and private makerspaces are a proven model for providing access to 21st century skills and high-tech jobs. 

The Maker Studio will:

  • Raise awareness for and promote careers related to design, prototyping and manufacturing.

  • Provide learners with the necessary skills, resources, and experiences to allow them to join the workforce on a rewarding career path.

  • Open new avenues of creative expression for makers at every skill level.

We believe our Maker Studio will help us engage youth in a meaningful and fun way, while providing a tremendous asset to our community!

Meet Our Team

Foundation For Youth operates the Boys And Girls Club of Columbus and offers a wide range of programs to youth. The Maker Studio is an important addition to the program that will draw in new members and support our goals to foster creativity,  aid in career development, and promote self-expression. Nathan Larrison,  the Boys and Girls Club Director, and Andrew Young, Director of Youth Development, have years of experience working with teens at Foundation for Youth. They are spearheading implementation of the Maker Studio and the new curriculum.

Exhibit Columbus is an annual celebration of architecture, art, design, and community that honors Columbus’ architectural heritage and envisions an even brighter future. The Exhibit Columbus curatorial team believes that good design can transform a community, not only by bringing designers to transform the cityscape during their 2017 exhibition, but also by supporting the potential makers and designers who already live in Columbus. William Marquez and Erin Hetrick are part of the Exhibit Columbus Curatorial Team who are collaborating with Nathan to develop the youth curriculum. Wil, a co-founder of Design Bank in Indianapolis and a leader in implementing makerspaces in under-served communities, has designed the space and planned the Maker Studio. Erin is an educator and consultant who, as owner of Genius Fish, helps cultural organizations support their audiences through meaningful learning experiences.

We have assembled an amazing team to create an innovative makerspace at Foundation for Youth!

Help Us Build The Maker Studio!

We are at a critical point in our work, and we need your help to make our Maker Studio a reality! Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Donate to our project! Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, but only if we reach our goal before July 21, 2017! Your donations are 100% tax deductible and greatly appreciated. You can click the Support button on this page or mail checks to: Attn: Karina Willats, Foundation For Youth, The Maker Studio Project, 405 Hope Avenue, Columbus, IN. 47201 (812) 348-4558

  • Spread the word! Let your friends, family, and neighbors know that you think this project is worth supporting. Help us reach a wide audience by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Please donate today to help us reach our goal!

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