Kingsley-Jenter House Community Place

A Central Meeting Place in Downtown Manchester, Surrounded by Our History

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Activating The Kingsley-Jenter House

The Kingsley-Jenter House needs your support in addressing two public needs in the Manchester community. A central meeting space for the community, and a historical museum/research center.  

The Manchester community is in need of a gathering place capable of handling groups up to 80 persons, open to various community functions, non-profit organizations, and private family gatherings in the central part of town. The Manchester Area Historical Society needs a year-round, central meeting space and permanent home for our community's historic artifacts, archives, and research center. The Kingsley-Jenter House will service both, and when visiting our guests will be surrounded by Manchester's history through displays and photographs. 

This project has received strong community support and interest. The former funeral home was purchased through an initial fund-raising campaign entitled "Preserve the Corner", focusing on the historic nature and previous owners of the home, and its location on the "four corners" intersection of downtown Manchester. 

The Project

We need your support to raise $40,000 and fund major physical and structural improvements to the Kingsley-Jenter House, to provide a suitable setting for public gatherings, non-profit activities, and community access to and use of the historical/family research materials. We have several requests already for use of the facility in 2016-2017, and the Kingsley-Jenter House will serve as the host location for the 2017 Manchester Sesquicentennial celebration event in August 2017.

The project will include:

  • Complete roofing replacement and minor structural repairs to the roof. 
  • Repair of gutters, downspouts, building fascia and soffits.
  • Plaster repairs and repainting of main assembly hall and entrance foyer. 
  • New furnishings for main assembly hall (chairs, tables, cabinets, frames, improved ceiling lighting, projection equipment)
  • Improvements to galley/catering room (appliances, countertop, plumbing, electrical)
  • Public gallery and secondary meeting space repairs (walls, ceiling, flooring and repaint)
  • Improve ADA accessibility to main assembly hall and gallery 
  • Install new heating and cooling system for gallery area

If we meet our goal of $40,000 the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MEDC & MSHDA) will match that $40,000, essentially DOUBLING YOUR DONATION!

Responding To Community Needs

This project will meet three critical needs in our community:

1. This project addresses an urgent need to collect, preserve, display and make accessible Manchester community historical records and artifacts in a central, accessible and climate-controlled public location in our central business district. 

2. This project addresses an urgent need in the community for an accessible, convenient and open public meeting place that can be used by community groups, non-profit organizations and private groups, wherein they can meet, hold public events with catering, parking and ADA access, and jointly share a headquarters and resources. 

3. The repurposing of the former funeral home contributes to the vitality of our "four corners" intersection in downtown Manchester, ensures preservation of an historic building, and serves as a suitable "transition" between the CBD historic business buildings and the historic homes along Main Street.

Celebrate 150 years of Manchester! Kingsley-Jenter House will serve as the host location for the 2017 Manchester Sesquicentennial celebration in August 2017!!!

You can donate directly by clicking the "support" tab on this page, using your credit card through the secure payment portal on this website!

Donations can also be made by check or cash. For a check donation, please make your check payable to "Manchester Area Historical Society", and mail it to PO Box 56, Manchester, MI 48158. Checks may also be given directly to an MAHS officer. Your check donation will be recorded and credited to this campaign, and will be included in the total donor count and funds raised amount showing on this website.

For a cash donation, cash can be mailed to MAHS, PO Box 56, Manchester, MI 48158, or given to an MAHS officer at any meeting or society event. Your cash donation will be recorded and credited to this campaign, and will be included in the total donor count and funds raised amount showing on this website.

All donors will be recognized by name on a Kingsley-Jenter House donor acknowledgement plaque in the entrance foyer. All donors will be invited to an open house event with food, refreshments, and a historical presentation upon completion of the project work scope.

Total square footage for this project is:  3323 sq. ft.

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