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Help us transform an alley on Selden & Second into a place for prosperity!

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Midtown Detroit Inc. is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 38-2134035.

Inspiring Community Through Place-Making

Place-making is how we collectively shape our public spaces to maximize shared value, rooted in community-based participation. Midtown Detroit has been going through a cultural renaissance in large part because of this focus on place-making, and making the community one where people enjoy living, working and playing!

In part of its efforts to expand place-making in Midtown, Midtown Detroit Inc. is partnering with Shinola and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to turn an unused, unattractive alley into a source of life by making it a green alley.

Why a Green Alley?

When a space is seen as negative and underutilized and is suddenly recreated as something unexpected and positive; people really respond.  At Midtown Detroit, Inc. we have found that many of our alleys are in varying states of disrepair and need to be rebuilt.  Our Green Alley Program incorporates features such as rain gardens, permeable pavers, historic brick, LED and induction lighting, native landscaping among other placemaking features. We are not only improving the basic condition of our alleys, but incorporating a design aesthetic that also creates gathering spaces for district celebrations.

An example of the profound effect a green alley can have is the green alley between the Green Garage and Motor City Brewery (as pictured above). Gone are the mosquitos, garbage, and puddles of water and in place are wildflowers, a beautiful brick walkway, and entrances to both buildings through the alley way!

The Project

Located within the City of Detroit's alley right-of-way, the project is bounded by Second Avenue, Selden, the Third Avenue alley and Alexandrine.  The project transforms a 415 foot long alley with the purpose of connecting future developments, promoting walk-ability and community connectivity - opening up business for restaurants like the Selden Standard!

The space will utilize green infrastructure, reducing the storm water burden on the city's combined sewer system while adding visual interest to the alley through plantings and lighting during all four seasons.  In addition, climbing vines and vertical trellis elements will draw passerby’s into this unique urban environment.  Reusing old spaces in new ways?  It doesn't get much better than that!​​

​​Midtown Detroit Inc. (MDI)

Midtown Detroit Inc. (MDI) is a nonprofit planning and development organization that supports the physical maintenance and revitalization of the Midtown Detroit neighborhood, while working to enhance public awareness, appreciation and use of the district. To learn more, please visit www.midtowndetroitinc.org

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