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Embracing Detroit's Immigrant Potential

Now more than ever, it's crucial to support our immigrant neighbors and champion the contributions they make to our region. That's what our Champions for Growth campaign is all about.

Your donation will revitalize neighborhoods, catalyze the growth and development of immigrant entrepreneurs, leverage international talent to fill regional businesses' unmet talent needs, and build a global region with competitive advantages in job creation, business growth, and community development. You will help us fuel neighborhood revitalization, talent recruitment and retention, and help make Detroit a globally competitive economy. 

Together, we can protect and foster a diverse, inclusive, and prosperous Detroit

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Global Detroit works with immigrant residents and a variety of public and nonprofit partners to connect immigrants seeking to become new homeowners. Since 2014 we have facilitated 38 vacant home purchases and have provided 114 homeownership training referrals. 

Buying a new home can be a confusing and frustrating process, especially when you are trying to redevelop a vacant home. Global Detroit helps new homeowners sort through the buying process. Your donation can help a hard-working immigrant family establish roots in Detroit by revitalizing a vacant home and becoming a first-time homebuyer!

By donating, you also contribute to our efforts to support the growth and development of Opportunity Neighborhoods where immigrant and established neighbors jointly pursue goals to improve their neighborhood. The Banglatown Community Vision and Action Plan is one example. Global Detroit works with the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs and dozens of nonprofit service providers and community-based service organizations. When you donate to our Champions for Growth campaign, you can help connect families to much-needed resources such as English classes, food banks and foreclosure support.

Mobilizing Immigrant Talent and Entrepreneurship

In order to reverse the population drain in Michigan, our region needs international talent. We've worked to attract and retain international students and immigrant entrepreneurs here. We've helped 29 business owners submit NEIdeas and MotorCity Match applications to expand their businesses, including several winners, and helped ProsperUS Detroit in its efforts to graduate some 40 Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs through its rigorous 11-session business planning program.

International students represent some of the world's most sought-after and desirable talent. They comprise more than half the graduate students in STEM at U.S. colleges and universities. Connecting them to Michigan businesses gives local companies a competitive advantage in the global economy. 

Our Global Talent Retention Initiative (GTRI), the first international student retention program in the country, hosts job fairs to match hundreds of international students with employers who need highly skilled employees to grow their businesses. In three short years, Michigan companies have increased their hiring from the GTRI talent pool by 82%! Your donation can help us, along with employers and universities, to invest in Michigan's future.

Building a Globally Competitive and Inclusive Region

Through groundbreaking research, communication and advocacy, Global Detroit shapes business and civic policies, practices and programs. Whether it's advocating for the creation of a Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs or for the creation of a professional licensing and credentialing guides to help immigrant professionals launch their careers, Global Detroit is a national leader in building an inclusive region. We have authored tools and studies for a national audience on immigrant economic development and immigrant entrepreneurship that are helping communities across America develop innovative policies, practices and programs that will make our nation stronger and more prosperous. 

Become a Champion for Growth, and Be a Part of Detroit's Dynamic Future

Our Champions for Growth campaign supports a strong, open, inclusive and welcoming federal immigration system, anchored by the American Dream, offering freedom, opportunity and security to immigrants whose talent, hard work, and entrepreneurship can help build a more prosperous nation. By donating to the Champions for Growth campaign, you become a valuable team member in our ongoing work.

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