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Englewood Community Development Corporation is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 35-2003744.

A Retreat From The Concrete Jungle

The Englewood Nature Playspace and Gardens is a beloved neighborhood asset, created over the last 15 years by and for neighbors, and in particular early childhood learners. It is a respite from the concrete and asphalt that dominates our neighborhood, and the only public greenspace in walking distance. Currently the space contains:

  • Dozens of trees, including fruit trees
  • Hundreds of native grasses and flowers
  • Twelve raised garden beds
  • A large sandbox 
  • Picnic Shelter with patio
  • Climbing areas with big logs and boulders
  • Rolling hill area with rock path and waterfall
  • Murals
  • Garden shed and Compost bins
  • Water and electricity on site

The Project

Two new features will make this an even more dynamic space: 

An Outdoor Fireplace + Interactive Discovery Wall.

The Discovery Wall: This element combines natural elements, plants, stone, wood, rock, art, and a variety of other materials configured in a way that promotes discovery, brings an assortment of art to the space in the form of sculpture, inter-activity, and a variety of other creative features. This wall will bring wonders and revelations as kids and neighbors engage in the space. We would like to construct the entire 150 ft wall in such a way that there is always something new to find and explore all along the way. We desire the discovery wall to bring beautiful creativity to the space, reflecting the place and people of the Englewood Great Place.

The enclosed outdoor fireplace/patio: This element adds an additional element for neighborhood gatherings and activities, in a way that is attractive and safe. Block parties, community meals, or a warm fire in the fall are all possible!

The Discovery Wall will first include a design and material gathering phase. We'll work with neighbors and a landscape designer to vision and plan the wall, repurposing many materials that we already have on hand. Englewood CDC renovated a historic school building adjacent to the Nature Playspace, and was able to save many materials from that school building that would be appropriate to include in the discovery wall; these include bricks from the exterior; limestone slabs from roof caps; and slate that once was chalkboards. Additional materials will be sourced locally, including donations from neighbors.

The Impact

The space is currently used by many members of our community in Englewood and greater Indy. Most specifically the children of Day Star Childcare and Pre-K. Neighbors use the Playspace and Gardens for gatherings, meetings, and play.The 200 children at Day Star have daily opportunities for discovery and exploration in a natural environment! 

We want to create an even more vibrant space through the new features and create more and better use for all. Health and wellness are critical to a communities' strength and we believe that everyone should have access to outdoor recreation not just some. 

Help us reach our goal of $10,000 and IF we hit it LISC Indiana will MATCH your donation, essentially doubling your donation and impact! Please support us by contributing or sharing this campaign with friends and family!

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Thanks for Contributing!

Your contribution is part of making this Indianapolis Great Place

Give $10 or more

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Stone layer

Your contribution provide the basis for the Discovery Wall and firepit!

Give $25 or more

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Fence Posts

Materials including plants and sticks for the Discovery Wall.

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Insect Farmer

Your contribution places an insect habitat into the Discovery Wall.

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Light My Fire

Your donation purchases materials for 10sf of outdoor fireplace

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Oak Trees

Purchases 15' of flowering perennials on and around the Discover Wall.

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Art Patron

Places an interactive sculptural element into the Discovery Wall

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Key Player

Your contribution builds 15' of a Discovery Wall. Your name will be etched on a stone set into the wall, and publicly recognized

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Your contribution pays for the firepit and patio. Your name will be etched onto stone set into the landscaping, and publicly recognized.


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