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The Green Scene:

Downtown East Lansing is getting greener!  Biking and Recycling in Downtown is a project that will add at least 20 sets of public recycling and refuse containers and 40 new bike parking locations to downtown East Lansing.  We are a community that loves to bike and it shows, because our downtown bike racks are full.  We want to add more bike parking, and also replace some of the more tattered bike racks.   We are also a community that has had residential recycling for decades and many of our local businesses recycle too, but we don't have public recycling containers in the downtown - yet.  The hundreds of thousands of people that visit the downtown each year have few choices but to put recyclable materials in the trash cans.  Luckily that is changing.  The City has received a grant of $25,000 from Amcor (a global leader in responsible packaging solutions) to add downtown recycling containers.  The Downtown Development Authority has also committed $35,000 to biking and recycling improvements downtown.  Unfortunately it isn't enough money to meet the need throughout the entire downtown commercial district.  In order to complete the recycling project and also add new bike parking, we need $60,000 more.  Will you help us to raise $30,000 from this crowdfunding effort and seek $30,000 in matching funds from the MEDC's Public Spaces Community Places program?

A Downtown Project Focused on the Environment:

2016 is the year to clean up and green the downtown.  Our Artist Alleys project was fully implemented this spring and we would love to follow that arts-focused project with an environment-focused project.  The proposal will allow the City of East Lansing's Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to remove all of the rusting public trash containers in the downtown and replace them with new recycling and trash pairs that will be both durable and high-quality design.   We are also proposing to add to the downtown bike parking and replace tattered bike loops.  There is $60,000 already committed to this effort.  Your contributions will add to those investments and help to complete the installation of downtown green amenities. 

It Is Easy Being Green - When we are all in it together:

Green is our color!  We bike, we recycle and we yell, "Go Green."  This crowd funding effort will allow us to have the necessary infrastructure in out downtown to support our green habits. 

The impact area is about 10 square blocks, making up the entire central business district of East Lansing.  Each contribution will impact the experience in Downtown EL and help us to truly be a green community.

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Lori Mullins
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