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City of East Lansing is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 38-6004674W.

Undeniably East Lansing

Fun things happen in downtown East Lansing. In addition to energetic, intellectual and diverse community members, our downtown has great businesses, public art, beautiful plazas and patios, and a great walkable urban environment. Let's build on these great community assets! We want to enhance the environment in the downtown to engage more people in our community and build a sense of place that is undeniably East Lansing. We love East Lansing and we hope that you do too.

Our Project

Our project is your project. East Lansing loves art, so we will beautify two alleys: 

  • An alley beautifully redesigned with an East Lansing-themed mural  
  • An alley with a community-created mosaic made by local seniors and children

East Lansing loves fun, so we plan to add a bean bag toss area and game tables to the plazas. East Lansing loves our nightlife so we plan to add lighting in our alleys to enhance the evening ambiance. East Lansing loves being green so we plan to add planters, landscaping and recycling to the downtown spaces. East Lansing loves creativity, so we want your ideas for alley names. Do you want to join us in making these improvements? We are fund-raising and thanks to the Public Spaces Community Places program, as long as we reach our goal of raising $45,000, every dollar donated will be matched by the MEDC. 

In addition to contributing to the crowd funding effort, there are lots of other ways to participate. The East Lansing Seniors Program, is coordinating the mosaic mural and they will be working with students from Mac Donald Middle School. If you want to get involved, please call Prime Time at 517-337-1113 or visit www.ELPrimeTime.com for more information. We will also have a series of events including but not limited to our kick off, our flower planting day and our grand finale celebration. Please plan to join us at those events and have some fun with your neighbors and friends in downtown East Lansing.

The Creative Community Outcome

The project will impact the community by building social connections between community members and our downtown. Downtown is a place to meet friends, visit businesses, enjoy art and experience something new and these enhanced public spaces will be attractions to add to the downtown's appeal. We hope that you choose to invest in our community through this project and participate in energizing and activating our public spaces. 

The public space that is impacted by this project includes 6,240 square feet of alleys and plazas.

Downtown is for everyone and we hope that you will be part of this fun and meaningful project.  Any funds raised beyond our goal will be used to create a maintenance reserve to keep the beautified alleys looking their best long into the future!

Many thanks to all of the EL Artist Alley supporters: 

East Lansing Downtown Development Authority, Mansfield Family Foundation, Friends of the East Lansing Prime Time Seniors Program, East Lansing Arts Commission, and Michigan State University Office of the Vice President for Governmental Affairs, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

Douglas J. Cron, David H. Krause and Terrell R. Oetzel, Greater Lansing Convention& Visitors Bureau, Greater Lansing Association of Realtors, Carolyn White, Vivian L. Keeney, Douglas B. Jester, and Dr. Brandon and Summer H. Minnick.

Downtown Management Board, Helen Hagens, The Student Book Store, Bernadette Denehy and Joel Alam, Jim and Patty Croom, Michael Krueger, Ellen J. Ferency, Renate Teran, Julie Karkosak, and McGinty, Hitch, Housefield, Person, Yeadon &Anderson.

East Lansing/Meridian Lions Club, East Lansing Womans Club, Ruth Beier,  Wendy Sylvester-Rowan and Jake Rowan, Claire and Kurt Hankenson, MacDonald Middle School Art Club, Tom and Nancy Yeadon, Ralph and Sharon Monsma, Mark and Phyllis Thode, Jason Schreiber, Allyn Shaw, Jermaine R. Ruffin, James S. and Diane I. Levande, Mary Jo DeHaven, Norris and Carol Bryson, Tim and Heidi Dempsey, Elinor Holbrook, Amy Schlusler, East Arbor Architecture, Mary Szlachetka, Adrian and Erin Cazal, Jon and Mary Nelson, John H. and Diane Goddeeris, Carol Brownell, Karen and Jerry Jennings, Sara Cunningham, Alice H. Martin, Robert Uphaus, Joan M. Alam, Jennifer Early, Kathleen Boyle, Justin and Lori Mullins, and Emily DiMaria.

Nancy Bradley, Kathleen Snyder, Joanne Mahoney, Erin Carter, Beverly Latvala, Roy Saper, Siri Rainone, Hillary Henderson, George and Shelley Lahanas, Holly Mead, Susan Woods, Shanna and Andy Draheim, Kate Snyder, Meegan Holland, The Czarnecki Family, Victoria F. Manning, Paul Stockstad, Ellie Kanipe Marchman, Rachel Adams, Megan and Tony Clark, Michael Belligan and Gillian Van Stratt, Keith Lambert, Christy Jones, Bob Tresize, Laura Goddeeris, Carolyn Haines, Mikki Droste, Marcus Fields, Chris and Barb DeRose, Kevin and Catherine DeShambo, Barbara Zynda, Charlie and Nancy Seebeck, Amanda L. Oboza, Richard Enbody, Judy Brazil Schmidt, Diane J. Reed, Lisa M Richey, and Kelly Arndt.

Jennifer McArdle, Penelope Tsernoglou, Christine Root, Susan J. Bandes, Catherine DeRose, Peter and Laura DeGuire, Diane Willcox, Kari Shane, Dawn Parker, Wendy Mackey, Grace Carmichael, Sarah Wallace, Bridget Paff, Bryn Williams, Anne Dorrance, Kristen Mapes, Marzorati Family, Mahala Clayton, Ebrahim Varachia, and several anonymous contributors.

Thank you!!! We couldn't have done this without you!! Let's keep working together to make downtown East Lansing awesome! The project is expected to be completed by late spring of 2016.

For more information regarding the East Lansing-themed mural which is being commissioned by the East Lansing Arts Commission,  www.cityofeastlansing.com/349/Arts-Commission.

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Lori Mullins
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