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Reactivate Eagle Street as a Social and Economic Hub of North Adams.

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The North Adams Partnership is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 45-2625578.

April 19th UPDATE

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the community and a number of community partners, we have reached our initial goal of $25,000! This means we will receive a $25,000 match from MassDevelopment, but we think we cando even more! We are excited to announce a STRETCH GOAL! We have so much faith in you all that we are now aiming to hit $35,000 by May 5th! This additional funding will go towards added aesthetics and installations along the street. This includes unique passive light art installations, a small mural, small sculpture installations, and historic informational plaques for the amazing buildings along the street. The closer we get to $35,000, the more of these ideas we can execute, and the higher the impact we will see on our Eagle Street. Keep up the great work, and let’s make this stretch goal a reality!

The NAMAzing Eagle Street Initiative

Eagle Street is one of the last remaining representations of a historic downtown that North Adams has. Eagle Street is a GEM of North Adams and has so much POTENTIAL.  At one end we have Jack's, a long standing North Adams staple and true destination spot for resdients, new visitors and returnees alike.  On the other end we have a new teen center for our young community to gather together in a safe, inclusive environment.  Between the two are several independently owned stores and restaurants that have become staples of North Adams Life.  This street has proven its ability to be the heart and soul of activity in North Adams by hosting the annual Eagle Street Beach drawing hundreds out to the street for a day and night of family activities.  We want to harness that energy and make Eagle Street a more permanent heart and soul of North Adams with the Eagle Street Initiative. 

The NAMAzing Eagle Street Initiative; a collective of local stakeholders including municipal representatives, street residents, business owners and community partners has begun work to reinvigorate Eagle Street following the guidance of what YOU the residents of North Adams have asked for on Eagle Street. With a COMMUNITY DRIVEN PASSION AND VISION to make Eagle Street the historic destination that it deserves to be, we have developed a plan to make visiting Eagle Street a rarified experience that both visitors and locals alike can benefit from.

Five Components to Bring Back Eagle Street

1) Social Space

  • To create more permanent outdoor social space, we plan to install a parklet to be seasonally present in front of Persnickety Toys. Combined with lighting for the evenings, outlets for charging of personal electronic devices, and wireless internet, this parklet will not only provide a great social space for 15-20 people, but opens up the opportunity for small concerts and events to be programmed by various local organizations and groups. Hired builders and volunteers will help to build the parklet itself, while additional volunteers will be recruited during the local college days of service to build seating and flower boxes from reclaimed materials from the various local adaptive reuse projects happening around town. 
  •  Additionally, local gardeners will contribute to the installation and maintenance of herb and flower beds around the perimeter of the parklet. The units will be built on skids that can be separated and stored in the winter months as a way of protecting them from the harsh winters. Additional seating will be placed along the street, as a combination of benches and table seating.

2) Gateway Presence

  • To draw more foot traffic onto Eagle Street, both ends of the street will be adorned with “gateways” to the Historic Eagle Street. On the North end of the street large lettering for “Historic Eagle Street Shops and Dining” will be painted facing North. At the South End of the street, the goal is to capture more foot traffic from those on Main Street. To do this, we will install two brick columns, each topped off with a raised metal post with a circular, 36 inch cut metal medallion identifying “Historic Eagle Street.” The pillars will be 7 feet tall, with the post on top raised up an additional five feet (total height – 12 ft). The posts will include hooks for attaching banners on when the street is shut down for pedestrian festivals. The columns will be built using reclaimed bricks from the various projects happening around the city. The mounting post and medallions will be manufactured by a partnership with a local sign making company and students from our local McCann Technical High School.

3) Customized and Branded Trash and Recycling Receptacles

  • Currently there are no trash or recycling receptacles on the street. In the hopes that more pedestrian and general traffic will gravitate towards the street, and in order to keep the street clean, there is a need to install receptacles. These will be period appropriate to fit the feel of the street. As such, 4 combination trash and recycling receptacles will be installed. These will be standard cans that will then have customized laser cutout work welded to them by local artists and students to make them unique to the street.

4) Directional Signage

  • Recently, a group called the North Adams Partnership; a public/private partnership that provides support to initiatives in the city in alignment with a commissioned master plan, invested heavily both financially and time wise into a study, design, and partial installation of a new branding image for the city. This branding has now been used to redesign city websites, letterhead and for the build out of a number of signs in the city. To link this brand to the street and to provide directional guidance to what is on the street, two signs will be located on each of the gateway column that carry through the North Adams brand and allow for inserts of each of the businesses located on the street.

5) Pedestrian Facing Business Signage

  • While the directional signage will get people onto the street and show them what they can experience on Eagle Street, another area of missing infrastructure is individual business signs that are pedestrian facing.  Each business will be given the same mounting bracket to be installed on their business. The signs will all be uniform in size of 24 x 36, with a local sign maker fabricating a basic level of durable hanging sign for each business, using their respective logo and colors. This simple addition of pedestrian facing signage will reveal to any passer by how many great businesses are actually present on the street, where currently it is difficult to notice.

Eagle Street's Importance to North Adams

Eagle street has long been home to many of the unique small businesses that  have made North Adams the great place it is. Cobblers, hat makers, tailors, and army navy stores have given way to toy stores, restaurants and artisan shops. Along with a varied assortment of residential spaces, the street has the feeling of “place,” whereby visitors and locals can sense that they are in a unique location, steeped in history and memories. In the last 30 years however, with a limited number of business tenants, a number of the historic buildings on the street have been neglected and have started to deteriorate. 

Fortunately, in very recent years, a new vision for the street has arisen, which has in turn attracted investment on Eagle Street both from locals and outside parties. A pocket park was built and established around 10 years ago, research was done on how to make Eagle Street a place to go by the local College, MCLA, and within just the last few months several buildings have been purchased to be renovated and repurposed in new and inventive ways. This trajectory speaks to a bright future for Eagle Street but the street itself needs lots of help to make it a the bustling hub of North Adams it once was, and can still be!

How You Can Help!

To make this project happen, we need the support of local residents and businesses alike. We want involvement from all corners of the community, from the retired mason who wants to help build a column, to the McCann Technical Highschool student looking to try their hand at a unique welding opportunity, to an MCLA college student willing to swing a hammer and use a brush to make some seating or a planter box. Eagle Street is a place for everyone, and we want to have everyone take part in it's bright future! Literally, we are looking for each and every person to become a stakeholder in the Eagle Street Initiative, so give your dollars, your time and your expertise, and we will make this happen! 

SUPPORT TODAY and if we can raise $25,000 by May 5th, 2017 your donation will be DOUBLED by MassDevelopment.  After you've supported, please share this project with your FRIENDS, FAMILY, CLASSMATES, COWORKERS, NEIGHBORS and ANYONE who LOVES NORTH ADAMS!

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The Tower And Porter Award

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