Peanut Row Alley Project

Transforming Peanut Row Alley into an outdoor art gallery and pedestrian plaza

Howell, MI Arts Community Placemaking

Partial Funding

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Howell DDA is a tax-exempt government organization, Tax ID 38-6004624.

Downtown Howell's Outdoor Art Gallery & Dining

We at the Howell DDA, along with other Howell partners, have been working to re-imagine one of downtown Howell's favorite alleys! The result includes transforming Peanut Row Alley into a pedestrian plaza & outdoor art gallery complete with comfortable seating, decorative lighting, art, and plenty of fun!   

Imagine Peanut Row alley as a place you don't just want to walk through, but you are drawn to! To relax, to play, and be inspired. Imagine a space where residents and visitors come downtown just to see, sit, and stroll in a vibrant and cool alley environment behind the 100 East block of Grand River Ave. Here you will enjoy art, outdoor seating with friends, twinkling lights, and games connected to downtown boutiques and unique dining venues.    

The Project: 

This re-imagined space, is based on YOUR feedback! When we asked what would attract you to spend time in downtown alleys, we heard your answers loud and clear calling for more art, fun seating options, games, funky lighting, and beautiful planters full of seasonal botanical elements lovingly maintained by downtown businesses and residents. 

The re-imagined space will contain:

  • A cluster of fun and functional bistro chairs and tables  (placed throughout the alley to allow for flexible seating at each end, serving patrons of the businesses located in this area)
  • Colorful bench seating for relaxation and comfort
  • Giant human scale chess game 
  • Adding to this outdoor oasis will be planted beds/raised planted areas adding to the vibrancy and attractiveness of the alley .
  • An interactive chalkboard
  • The entire alley will be adorned with overhead lighting to light the way to this outdoor gallery and gathering space.   

The Impact

Our alleys are already hidden gems, but the re-imagined Peanut Row alley will offer residents and visitors a more connected, artistic, walkable and welcoming downtown space. 

Together with our community partners we will create a enchanting space for people to sit, shop, dine, and experience a hidden gem in our downtown.  Your support enhances our mission to create a vibrant, strong, and economically viable downtown that serves as the heart and hub of our community! 

PLUS: If we meet the alley fundraising goal, YOUR donation will be doubled thanks to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation(MEDC). Thank you for making downtown Howell a great place to live, work, play & stay! 

Give $10 or more

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Awesome Alley

Thank you! Your gift will keep us going and inspire others to give -supporting an attractive and artistic alley space for the community!

Give $20 or more

10 claimed

Alley Cat

On behalf of the entire downtown Howell community-thank you! You are helping to create an awesome community space for everyone to enjoy & hang out!

Give $50 or more

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Not Just Peanuts

You may have heard the why is it called Peanut Row? Is there an elephant under here, ghosts, did someone have a peanut shop or just love roasted peanuts? Those who give $50-$100 will receive a list of all the fun myths surrounding this alley.

Give $100 or more

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Thanks mate! Your donation allows us to offer games and interactive elements to Peanut Row alley. We look forward to sending you an invite to the special grand finale celebration with photo opportunities & more!

Give $250 or more

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Help beautify the area and contribute to beautiful planted greenery that will help breathe new life into the attractiveness of the alley.

Give $500 or more

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Take a Seat

Your $500 donation will contribute to a posh chair/bench for community fun & relaxation while enjoying the beautiful alley and it's interactive chess game and chalkboard!

Give $1000 or more

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The Alley Bistro

Your $1000 sponsorship will contribute to colorful and comfortable outdoor bistro dining sets for residents and guests to use while enjoying coffee, ice ream, or other tasty downtown fare!

Give $1500 or more

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Lighting the Way - Alley Ambiance

Residents and visitors will enjoy the alley as they sit, dine, and play underneath the creative and beautiful lighting supported by your donation!

Give $2500 or more

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Art Gallery Sponsor

The walls of Peanut Row alley will be transformed into a beautiful art gallery highlighting Howell Art Project participants' and local artists' pieces for this pedestrian plaza, thanks to your generous donation of $2500 or more!

Give $5000 or more

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Gallery, Goblets, and Gathering

Your donation has a major impacts supporting multiple pieces of art and seating and game options as a Gallery & Gathering Sponsor!


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