Beacon Soccer Field

A community-owned, free-play mini soccer field in the heart of Downtown Lansing.

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Capital Area Soccer League is a Registered 501(c)(3), Tax ID 38-2286738.

Soccer for All

Help us build this field downtown Lansing for our entire community.

Soccer is the world’s game. From small villages to large cities, the sport is a uniting force for communities all around the globe.

Helping to connect people, promote health and well being, facilitate positive interactions and so much more, easily accessible public soccer fields consistently prove to have both healing and invigorating effects on communities and on the people who use them.

Why Play

  • Adolescents who play sports are eight times as likely to be active at age 24 as adolescents who do not play sports (Sports Participation as Predictors of Participation in Sports and Physical Fitness Activities in Young Adulthood, Perkins, 2004).
  • High school athletes are more likely than non-athletes to attend college and get degrees; team captains, MVPs achieve in school at even higher rates (US Dept of Education, 2005).
  • A survey of 400 female corporate executives found 94% played a sport and that 61% say that has contributed to their career success (EY Women Athletes Business Network/espnW, 2014).
  • Free play has been shown to produce higher levels of physical activity than organized sports. One study found that 43% of youth sports practice was spent being inactive. (Physical Activity During Youth Sports Practices, 2011). 

Soccer in Lansing

In the Lansing area, more than 5,000 kids are involved in youth soccer.  That, in addition to a successful MSU team and our own nationally recognized semi-pro soccer team, means the greater Lansing area understands and celebrates the sport as much any other.

It’s time to make soccer accessible to everyone.

Nearly all of the area’s youth soccer opportunities—in community leagues and on high school or club teams—involve a fee, usually ranging between $100 and $5,000 per year.

These costs, along with the location of the fields where soccer is played in Lansing, mean the sport is often not accessible to all our kids. LET’S CHANGE THAT.

Beacon Field

Beacon Field will provide a high-quality, free, open and accessible space that can be used for pick-up games by the community. Like the mini urban soccer fields FIFA funded in South Africa after the 2010 World Cup, Beacon Field will be a gathering place for any and all kids—of all ages, languages and cultures—who love the game.

The Plan

Beacon Field follows the model of South African mini urban soccer fields. It will be located at the southeast corner of Ferris Park. Standing two blocks from Michigan's State Capitol on the corner of Shiawassee and Walnut Streets, the facility will include:

  • 60'x120' synthetic turf playing surface
  • 48" perimeter kick board
  • Post and netting on goals
  • Solar light fixtures

It will also serve as a space for events that will enhance the community's experience with the facility, such as health and fitness education programs and activities.

Statewide and National Impact

This field will potentially serve as a statewide and national model that can connect the rising sport of soccer with the many families that wish to join the sport, but cannot currently afford it or do not have access.

Our long-term goal is to create more fields outside of Lansing and even Michigan that will provide stimulating environments in their own neighborhoods and communities for people young and old to connect and share cultural experiences.

Party At The Park

When the field is completed this fall, all funding levels through Patronicity will be invited to a special event to dedicate the field alongside corporate partners and civic leaders. Grassroots Level donors will hand out soccer balls and Lansing United will sponsor a celebration complete with Lansing United team giveaways, popcorn, inflatable toys for kids to enjoy, soccer skill demonstrations and food options (depending on your giving level).

How You Can Help

Beacon Field will immerse and connect youth from diverse backgrounds, using the universal language of soccer.

In addition, free access to this openly available field will not only attract the many soccer families from the entire region to Ferris Park, but will also introduce families to all the city of Lansing has to offer.

If you HELP US REACH OUR $60,000 goal, your donation gets DOUBLED - thanks to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation providing a 1:1 match if we meet our goal.

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Thank You

Your support will mean the world to the kids who get to experience this incredible space.

For more information on Beacon Soccer Field, please visit

Offline donations - please make checks payable to Capital Area Soccer League and mail to: Beacon Soccer, c/o CASL, 1427 W. Saginaw, Suite 175, East Lansing, MI 48823. This campaign ends on May 24, 2015 - so please have donations mailed in time to be counted for the match!

The square footage of Beacon Field is 8,704 sq. ft.

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Scott Dane
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Give $50 or more

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Kick Off Level

Kick off this project and receive a custom t-shirt at the Party At The Park.

Give $100 or more

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Grassroots Level

Be a part of the grassroots level of soccer. For each $100 donation at this level, a local youth at Beacon Field will receive a free soccer ball. You can even help distribute them with us at the Party At The Park! Also includes a Kick Off Level t-shirt.

Give $500 or more

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Lansing United Level

Donors will receive two (2) tickets to a Lansing United VIP Experience (game TBD). This will include entrance to the game and a VIP reception tent with food and drink for the duration of the match. It will also include a special meet & greet with players and coaches before the match. Don't forget, you get to go to the Party At The Park too.

Give $1000 or more

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Light Pole Sponsor Level

Light Pole sponsors will receive a placard on one of ten light poles to recognize their generosity. A dedication ceremony will take place with the community at the Party At The Park. Also includes Lansing United Level experience.

Give $5000 or more

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Kickboard Sponsor Level

Kickboard sponsors receive their logo on one of the kickboards. Dedication, with professional photography of sponsors and kids from the community in attendance, will take place at the Party At The Park. Also includes Lansing United Level experience.


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