Parklets are typically used to convert space formerly devoted to vehicles (ex. parking spaces, alleys, parking lot space) into a space for pedestrians to sit and enjoy the day while still remaining in the downtown of a city or town. Parklets help communities reclaim their public spaces for pedestrians, which is especially important in places that lack pedestrian-friendly infrastructure or just a space to sit, relax and enjoy their community.

Alley Revitalizations
Alleys that were once considered dark, unsafe and blighted are now being turned into vibrant "second front doors." These conversion projects come in all types: some allow for limited vehicle use while others are strictly for pedestrians only. Either way, alley upgrades can provide not only more space for pedestrians to safely move around their downtowns, they can also provide creative and lower-cost opportunities to engage pedestrians in new surroundings.

Vacant Lots
Vacant lots can easily become blighted and crime ridden in cities and towns of all sizes. But given a little attention, vacant lots can serve as a blank canvas where communities can create their ideal public spaces. Seating areas, art venues, gardens, open gyms, play space; the possibilities for vacant lots are endless!

Main Street Revitalization
Main Streets have long served as the economic and social hub of any city or town. Main Street is where community comes together. It has traditionally served as the economic engine of a community and the source of pride for it's residents. Their smaller scale and pedestrian friendly infrastructure provide plenty of opportunities to construct creative public spaces.

Underpass Revitalization
With the advent of highways, overpasses served to disect formerly connected sections of cities and create a dark, uninviting space that many do not want to or don't feel safe passing through. With paint, lighting and other mediums of art work, these formerly dark, desolate underpasses can become a "place" again and invite a reconnecting of neighborhoods long since cut off from eachother.

Water Recreation
Whether you live on a river, lake or ocean, access to water has always been a need and desire of human society. Now, more than ever, it's important for those living in cities and towns to be able to easily access waterways for boating, swimming or other forms of recreation. This board provides artistic and practical ideas for bringing new life to a waterfront space.

Vacant Storefront
Vacant storefronts can drag down local economies and stifle community development and improvement efforts. Cities and towns from all over the world are addressing this issue using creative tools and techniques to bring life back to vacant storefronts and to engage residents and visitors in their economic centers.

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