Patronicity is a civic crowdfunding platform to support people doing great things in their community, from large initiatives like creating a green alley to small ones, like funding a neighborhood block party. We bring together local citizens and sponsors to support great initiatives in their communities. Patrons are the local citizens, residents, business owners and community stakeholders who pledge money to support these initiatives. Project Creators are the people or team(s) behind the idea and Building the Vibrant Community. Partners are organizations that want to empower their communities to use crowdfunding as a tool to gain community engagement and funding. Sponsors are organizations that step in to provide matching dollars towards qualifying projects to double their impact while receiving extended publicity for doing so.
Patronicity works with Project Creators throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. The platform accepts donations from anywhere in the world, so projects can reach far and wide to gain support! Patronicity has a larger concentration of projects in Michigan, Massachusetts and Indiana because we have Sponsor Partnerships with those states to provide matching grants for qualifying projects.
Patronicity is available to Partner and Sponsor organizations worldwide. Just reach out if you’re interested in creating a local portal for your community to harness the power and impact of crowdfunding!
Crowdfunding is the process of getting a LARGE Group of People (the crowd) to Financially Support (the funding) a project within a certain constrained timeframe. The transparency and sense of urgency has lead to the success in crowdfunding. Projects have a specific funding goal, a deadline, a pitch explaining it's importance, impact, and why it deserves your donation, as well as a few giving levels which may include rewards or incentives for your contributions.
Crowdgranting is the process of activating a project through a large group of people and their dollars (the crowd) coupled with a sponsor’s match (the granting) during a limited time fundraising effort. Using the technology and social share of crowdfunding to garner deep rooted community engagement, along with the multiplying of funds raised and impact from the community by adding a sponsor’s grant, sustainable and vibrant communities are created. Patronicity has an award-winning model for crowdgranting which has streamlined the granting review and approval process, enabling the community to be the final review committee. The process also greatly amplifies the press and media attention for community projects and the Sponsor granting organization through intensive crowdfunding efforts championed by community members and groups.
This could be happening for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's an overprotective firewall at work - try accessing the project on a personal computer or smartphone. You can also try different browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox (our favorite two). Also, double check you have all information for the billing details filled out, including the CVC code on the back of your credit card. If you're still having problems, please reach out to us at

In crowdfunding, the crowd always comes before the funds. So the biggest benefit you generate from any crowdfunding campaign (even if you don't reach your funds) is publicity first and foremost.

Crowdfunding democratizes the access of capital and funding in a way where people get to cast a vote with their dollars about what they want to see created. This grassroots support provides the freedom to not be solely dependent upon a bank, a grant, or a few donors for support.

Through online engagement, Project Creators have the ability to connect to those far and wide. Patronicity is unique in that we offer a space for you to add offline donations that you may have collected through traditional forms of fundraising as well. This provides a tool to keep track of all contributions that went towards your project during your campaign.

If you are still not sure how crowdfunding can benefit you, email us at! Feel free to pick our brains and will help you figure out if it’s the best fit for you.

These are all great platforms, and it's important you choose the best one for your needs. Below are a few things that make Patronicity unique:

Vision - We are committed to Building Vibrant Communities across the country. Every project on board now becomes part of creating that vision, every new patron is one more in a movement committed to improving every local neighborhood.

Personalized Support - Raising funds can be scary. We provide one-on-one support by coaching you throughout the whole process. From developing your pitch, selecting the best perks, to creating a funding strategy. Our team has crowdfunded dozens of projects, so we know what it's like to ride that roller coaster.

Offline Donations - Patronicity offers a simple way to add donations you collect through offline fundraising to your campaign for everyone to see the progress you are making towards reaching your goal. Our platform is a great tool to keep track of all contributions made towards your project during your campaign.

Partners & Sponsors - Patronicity looks to establish Partners & Sponsors globally who provide a brand, support and credibility to bolster your project and to reach more patrons through your campaign. Sponsors step in on a larger level offering grants for qualifying projects. Become a Partner or Sponsor today and allow us to enabling your community to take advantage of crowdfunding to further their and your impact while we can manage a grant that is proven through community support. Learn More
You're just one of thousands of projects on these sites. You're just noise, while on Patronicity you're the signal. Being a hyper-local crowdfunding platform, your project better connects with the immediate surrounding community it impacts. Platforms don’t drive donations; the project and its team have to be behind the push. Patronicity helps you plan for the campaign and develop a strategic marketing plan that will be best suited for your engagement and expand your reach.

It’s absolutely free to create and launch your project. We will provide support and advice from beginning to end. We just collect a standard 5% fee on all funds raised. In addition, our credit card processing company, Stripe, collects a 2.6% +$0.30/txn processing fee for all online contributions. If you don't raise any funds we don't collect any either. That's because your success is our success. It's that simple.

Uniquely on Patronicity, donors have the option to cover all fees at checkout. They will be charged additionally on top of their contribution amount if they select to do so. We find on average 80% of online donors tend to do so, thus reducing overall fees to under 4%.

Creating a project is super easy - just Start Project Here or if you have any other questions send an email to to get started.
Generally we are pretty open - projects can be non-profits, for-profits, civic organizations and just plain ole' organizations. We only ask projects be community-oriented and non-controversial/harmful. If you want to read more about our Terms of Use then you can do so here.
Both. All-or-Nothing funding is for projects that can not move forward without the necessary funds and donors are not charged until you hit your goal. Partial funding is for projects that could use every bit, and you collect all funds raised whether you hit your goal or not. There is no difference in cost between the two models.

Depends - All-or-Nothing funding is typically much more successful (up to 8 times!), but also more stressful. Not only are you incentivized to reach your goal but your supporters are as well.

On the other hand, partial funding is good for projects that can use whatever they raise, no matter how small. It's important to be honest with your donors as well. If you're offering rewards for donations that can only be fulfilled if the whole project gets funded, you should choose all-or-nothing.

Feel free to reach out to us if you're still not sure what's best for you.

Hassle-free Evaluation Process: Patronicity serves as the filter to evaluate projects to ensure they meet your grant requirements and qualify. We manage the evaluation process and pass on the specifics of the project to you for a quick final approval or rejection.

Doubling the Impact: Your dollars are multiplied, as projects through our CrowdGranting model have to reach out to the community to raise funds and prove its worth within the community to receive the match.

Widespread Publicity & Exposure: As a Sponsor, projects are going out far and wide to collect contributions, reaching thousands of potential supporters and all the while publicizing your support towards their project. Your name is connected to every social media post, email blast, tv spot, and news article about the project.

Community Support: The community weighs in and projects therefore only receive matching funds after showcasing its support from the greater community. This added vetting process adds to the projects sustainability as so many vested parties are coming in to make this project possible.

For Donors/Patrons:

  • Your contribution may be tax deductible and you will see that TAX ID information located on the individual page under “TAX DEDUCTIBLE” below the support button.
  • Status on tax-deductibility may change depending if any rewards/gifts are provided for your donation.
  • Each project manages their request for tax deductible process, if you have questions contact the project creator listed on your page, under the “CAMPAIGN BY”

For Campaign/Project Creators

  • If your organization is a registered non-profit, municipality, or entity that can receive tax-deductible donations, donations to your campaign will be Tax-Deductible. Patronicity is just considered a pass-through.
  • For Municipalities: Section 170(c)1 from the IRS code allows for donations to municipalities to be tax exempt. Section 170(c)1 provides a deduction for donations to municipalities.
  • Be sure to add your Tax-ID and organization’s address when editing out your campaign page on the Enhance Tab. Donors will receive an email receipt indicating their donation went to your organization and may be tax-deductible.
  • We encourage you to follow up with donors directly to provide an additional tax deductible receipt.

Note: All donations MAY be tax-deductible and donors/campaign creators should check with their tax advisors for further clarifications.

Ask away! Reach out to us through our contact page or email us at Terms of Use