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Our Vision

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) in conjunction with Patronicity, announces “CreatINg Places”, a place-based crowdgranting program. This new program empowers the public - residents, businesses and community organizations - to play a role in achieving community improvements and building community pride.

How does CreatINg Places accomplish this? By mobilizing community members, residents and general supporters to make individual contributions for the place-based projects they want to see in their communities. Projects that meet their crowdfunding goals can receive a matching grant from IHCDA of up to $50,000. Local governments and non-profits can submit projects by applying on the Patronicity website. To start an application, simply begin crafting a crowdfunding project page that is directed towards your community and potential donor audience.

Eligible CreatINg Places projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Streetscape beautification & walkability
  • Public plaza development/activation
  • Access to public amenities (riverwalks, canoe livery, pier enhancements)
  • Farmer’s markets, community kitchens, pop-up retail/incubator space (community or non-profit)
  • Alley activation
  • Park enhancements
  • Bike & other non-motorized path and related infrastructure
  • Bandshells & amphitheaters
  • Community theater rehabilitation (community or non-profit)
  • Public wi-fi in a place completely open to the public
  • Place branding (wayfinding, place signage, etc.)
  • Event implementation
  • Other projects that activates public space or a community place, decided on a case-by-case basis


Note: Applications will be accepted until all funds have been disbursed.

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What is CrowdGranting?


CrowdGranting is a broad based, low dollar fundraising effort used to leverage a sponsor's matching grant.

Through the CreatINg Places program created by IHCDA and Patronicity, approved projects in communities throughout the state that crowdfund half of the cost of their project will receive matching funds to help make it happen.

CrowdGranting takes the place of review committees and the traditional grant process by allowing members of the community to vote with their dollars on what kinds of projects they would like to see. CrowdGranting projects activate neighbors and supporters locally, as well as worldwide, to support and bring attention to new community amenities.

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