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Small Town, Big Hearts Initiative – COVID-19 Response

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The City of Brighton Downtown Development Authority is launching a small-business relief initiative for all eligible businesses adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis. This initiative will raise funds online while being matched by the generous support of the Lake Trust Credit Union (up to $750) until May 15 or until funds are depleted.

  • Lake Trust will also be awarding $1,000 to campaigns who best embody the Spirit of Lake Trust and the Spirit of Brighton.
  • Lake Trust will be sending checks out at the end of the campaign (arriving by end of May), pending confirmation of W-9.
  • For more information, please email: info@brightoncity.org

Any funds raised will be distributed to the business on a weekly basis and matching funds will become available at the end of your campaign.

Eligible businesses can simply start a crowdfunding campaign below and begin raising funds from their networks of supporters and patrons.

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The City of Brighton DDA: Small Town, Big Hearts Initiative – COVID-19 Response is an effort our help our local small business community through this difficult time. As a community we have always strived to support each other and now is no different. Let’s overcome this challenge together!

If your eligible business is in need of assistance, simply apply, create a campaign, and spread the word. To start an application, simply begin crafting a crowdfunding project page that is directed towards your community and potential donor audience. To help maximize your fundraising, a personal campaign development coach will be provided to you by Patronicity. The Patronicity Team will contact you within 24 hours of starting your page.

To participate, businesses must complete the application below and be approved eligible by the DDA. For a business to be eligible to participate, they must meet the following guidelines:

  • The business must have a physical address in the DDA district.
  • Must have been in operation before April 1, 2020.
  • Must be a for-profit business.
  • Business must involve face-to-face interaction (e.g. restaurant, hair salon, etc.)

If you are an individual who would like to show your support for a local business, simply browse the individual campaigns below, select your favorite(s), and donate. By showing your support for local businesses, you are strengthening our community and helping it recover faster.


This initiative is a collaborative effort between the City of Brighton Downtown Development Authority and Lake Trust Credit Union using the services of Patronicity. This resource is to serve as guide to which Downtown Brighton small businesses are requesting assistance from the public. The City of Brighton Downtown Development Authority does not promote or otherwise endorse any of the listed businesses. The City is not responsible or liable for the content posted through this initiative or the terms of use for Patronicity. Any contributions made through this initiative are considered donations. All forms of investment, expressed or implied, are prohibited. Any matching funds will be contributed at the donor’s discretion and will generally be first come, first serve. The Brighton Downtown Development Authority is not distributing any funds.

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