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Empowering Vermonters to Create Better Places

led and supported by

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Better Places is a community matching grant program empowering Vermonters to create inclusive and vibrant public places serving Vermont's designated downtowns, village centers, new town centers, or neighborhood development areas. The program is led by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) in partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation, and Patronicity, our crowdfunding experts. The program supports community-led projects that create, revitalize, or activate public spaces that bring people together to build welcoming and thriving communities across Vermont.

Step 1 - Pre-Flight Form

How it Works

Better Places uses a contribution and matching grant method of grantmaking called “crowdgranting”. Crowdgranting combines crowdfunding, the practice of funding a project with small contributions from a large number of people, paired with a matching grant from the State. Better Places participants will:

  1. Complete pre-flight check, then apply and receive project approval.
  2. Work with a Patronicity project coach to launch crowdfunding campaign and raise 33% local match
  3. Receive Better Places 2:1 matching grant from the State
  4. Implement project and celebrate success

Better Places offers one-on-one consultation to interested participants to determine project readiness and compatibility for this program. All participants have access to educational tools and resources, including a personal crowdfunding coach, the Better Places Program Guide, Getting Started one pager, Crowdfunding Strategy Guide, and additional placemaking resources on the State's Better Places webpage.


Help make your community a better place! Whether you are dreaming of more parks and green spaces, a vibrant main street, colorful public art projects, community gardens, or cultural events, Better Places grants can help turn your idea into a reality. We invite you to reach out and discuss your local placemaking ideas with us.

The Better Places program provides one on one project coaching, local fundraising support, and matching implementation grants ranging from $5,000 to $40,000 to advance community-led placemaking efforts that create, revitalize, or activate public spaces. The Better Places team will work with you to develop and run a successful crowdfunding campaign that the State will match with a 2:1 matching grant.

Municipalities, local community groups, and nonprofit entities with municipal support may apply. Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and are required to provide 33% matching funds raised through the Better Places crowdfunding platform managed by Patronicity. Once these funds have been raised, the State provides communities with a two to one (2:1) matching grant to advance your local placemaking project. Additional information about the program and eligibility requirements can be found online in the Better Places Program Guide.

Complete the Pre-Flight Form below to be conditionally approved to apply

Step 1 - Pre-Flight Form

After conditional approval through pre-flight form above, Apply Now to begin your crowdfunding page

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